USB Missile Launcher

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USB Missile Launcher
Manufacturer: Efilliate Inc. & Cyberguys
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Product Description

To defend your desktop from unwanted visitors, all you need to do is install the software provided and plug in the USB Missile Launcher to the USB port on your notebook or desktop computer. To plan your attack, the direction and angle of launch can be adjusted to 45 degrees or a full 180 degrees rotation by either moving the arrows on your keyboard or moving the cursor of your mouse over the missile control pad found on your desktop. Then turn the volume up and FIRE! Your boss with think twice about dumping more work on you on once you bounce a foam missile off his forehead! (Missiles are completely harmless; you don't need to worry about causing any serious harm to your victims!) Shoots Up To 10 Feet! Includes: 3 Foam Missiles and A Target 4 Feet of USB Cord Prerecorded Sound Effects CD-ROM Software Minimum System Requirements: Intel Pentium II or AMD Athlon processor running at 2.66 MHz or Higher Windows XP 64 MB RAM USB 1.1 port

Product Details

  • The USB missile launcher is a simple, fun toy that fires three foam darts from any Windows computer with the handy included software.
  • USB Missile Launcher, Moves Left, Right, Up, Down, Pre-recorded Sound Effects, Shoots more than 10 Feet at an extremely fast rate, Includes CD, user guide, quick start guide and online support.
  • Defend your office or cubicle with this computer-controlled USB Missile Launcher.
  • Harass co-workers! They probably deserve it!

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