Striker II Black USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher

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Striker II Black USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher
Manufacturer: Swamiware
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Product Description

Striker II™ is the next generation USB Missile Launcher. The follow up to the popular USB Missile Launcher. Striker II™ features a powerful Class 3 laser. Powered by your computer, use it to properly aim at your foes in the office. Install the CD, then connect the Striker II™ toy to your USB port on your computer. Now defend your space with foam missiles and a real laser! Moves 180 degrees left and right, and tilts up and down 45 degrees. The PC software is completely 3-D and uses the latest shader technology. Got a slow PC? No problem, a low-fidelity lite version will work on virtually any low end machine, and with it you can control up to 2 billion Striker II™ toys at once! Protect your cube space with multiple Striker II™'s and synchronize them easily to stand down your enemies. Want a write a mod or hack? The USB codes are included in the documentation. And a free API is available for download below. The Orly Owl is a hidden character in the game. 3 AA batteries not included. Color is black or silver as available. Get the Striker II + PC Off iPhone App from iTunes!

Product Details

  • Control via USB connection on your computer. Control multiple USB Launchers with included software.
  • Real Class 3 Laser guidance system! Rotate 180 degrees, tilt and aim.
  • Spectacular 3-D PC software and lite version
  • iPhone App available. Write your own software with API
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac download

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