NEWO 55 Dream Cheeky Wireless USB Missile Launcher

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NEWO 55 Dream Cheeky Wireless USB Missile Launcher
Manufacturer: NEWO
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Product Description

With the Wireless USB Missile Launcher you can now defend your cubicle from unwanted co-worker intrusions or defend your room from unwanted siblings! The Wireless USB Missile Launcher provides the flexibility of a wireless setup, giving you the freedom to place the Wireless Missile Launcher up to 15 feet away from your computer! It features 3 foam projectiles that can be fired up to 20 feet at an extremely fast rate (at least twice the range of any other product on the market). Turn, swivel and move the Wireless USB Missile Launcher up and down from your PC to aim the missiles towards your target. The computer control panel can be controlled by your mouse or keyboard. Realistic sound effects bring the missiles to life as they leave the launcher towards your target. System Requirements: 3 x AAA Batteries (For Wireless Missile Launcher), PC with Intel Pentium 4 or compatible processor that operates at 2.4GHz or faster. 128MB or more RAM, 100MB of available hard drive space, Any Windows compatible soundcard using WDM, ASIO or DirectSound drivers, CD-ROM Drive, Mac drivers available by emailing, One available USB 1.1 port on your computer to plug in the missile launcher, Display adapter capable of 800*600 in 16 bit color. Package Contents: Wireless USB Missile Launcher, USB Wireless Receiver, Software CD, Target Board, 3 Foam High Rate Missiles, User Guide.

Product Details

  • Wireless set up, place the missle launcher up to 15 feet from your computer
  • Includes 3 foam missles and a target
  • Launcher can be moved left, right, up and down to aim at target
  • Shoots up to 20 feet at extremely fast rate of speed
  • USB Wireless Receiver plugs into your USB port for power and includes a 4-feet USB cable

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