The Batwing Joker’s Aerial Assault Batman Lego

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The Batwing Joker's Aerial Assault Batman Lego
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Editorial Review The Clown Prince of Crime is at it again! This time it's biological warfare, with his signature dark touch of humor: the Joker's goal is to drop laughing gas over Gotham City. Batman, once again, is called on to save the city. His mission is to launch Batwing's secret missiles at the Joker's venom-laden helicopter. If they hit the spotlights, the Joker is ejected and his diabolical plans are foiled again...until the next time. Before all this happens, of course, intrepid young Lego engineers must build the 15-inch Batwing and 9-inch Joker Copter using the 523-piece kit, which includes parts for the flying machines, Batman, Joker, henchmen, and miscellaneous gadgets and weapons. Assembled correctly, the Batwing wings can be raised, missiles can be shot, the helicopter rotors will spin, evil-looking laughing gas canisters will drop, and the dangling ladder will fall. Lego whizzes will be eager to add the Aerial Assault to their collection of Lego Batman kits. --Emilie Coulter

Product Details

  • 523-piece Lego kit featuring Batman, the Joker, and their flying machines with moving parts.
  • Batwing's wings lift to reveal missiles that can actually launch.
  • A ladder off the Joker Copter can be shot down

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