Top 5 Gifts For Geeks This Christmas

Buying Christmas gifts really challenging, no matter how good at picking gifts you think you are! If you’re looking for a great gift for a geek, then this list of top geek gifts this Christmas might be helpful. Take a look!

Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection On Blu-Ray: Star Trek is perhaps the joint most famous sci-fi creation, tied with Star Wars. But when it comes to geeks, Star Trek usually wins out as the bigger deal. This box set brings together all of the classic Star Trek movies on Blu-ray. That includes Star Trek I, II, III, IV, V and VI!!! Plus, there’s a bonus disc which includes a load of special features.

Any geek worthy of the name will love owning this boxed set. Not only are these films a part of sci-fi history, but they’re great fun to watch. This’ll definitely please a geek this Christmas.

Syma S107/S107G Remote Control Helicopter: This could be the ultimate geek toy! The Syma S107 remote control helicopter is a fully controllable helicopter toy that flies all on its own. A single charge can allow flight time of around ten minutes, but the fun and serious novelty offered by each ten minute burst are easily worth the wait as the helicopter recharges. Best of all, even though this is one of the hottest toys in recent history, it doesn’t cost much at all! Nobody would be unhappy with this as a Christmas gift, whether or not they were a geek!

Sphero Robotic Ball: This is a unique toy that works with any iOS device (like an iPhone) or Android device (like a Samsung smartphone). At the most basic level, this ball is like a remote-control car, controlled through your smartphone or tablet. However, it can do much more than this, and there are a host of downloadable games for your phone that make use of this toy as well as the possibility of programming it yourself. Not only that, but the ball can change color and can also be played with in the dark. It’s a really unique and quirky gift that’ll entertain and engage any geek. A great little present!

Sifteo Interactive Game Cubes: The Sifteo Interactive Game Cubes are a unique and very novel digital toy. The basic set comes with three cubes, each of which has its own LCD screen that displays bright colors and is clickable. The cubes also respond to flip, touch, shake and more. There are a number of puzzle games included with the cubes, but lots more can be downloaded at a later date. You can also create your own games too!

The Settlers Of Catan: This is one of the biggest board games of recent years, and has been an absolute runaway success. The Settlers of Catan is a strategy game that challenges players to collect resources and build roads, towns and cities in direct competition with one another. The deceptively simple rules allow for complex and highly entertaining play that rewards cleverness. A definite must for all true geeks.

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